Merimuikku - boat rental in Tammisaari Finland
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Merimuikku -steel family boat 9,2m
Suitable for family holidays. Accommodates 4 adults +
1 child

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Muikunpoika Buster -aluminium boat 3,9m
Suitable for fishing and camping. Max. 4 persons


NEWS 2023:

I have terminated the boat rental business and I concentrate to enjoy boating myself.

I leave these web pages as-is for a few months before deleting them totally.

The Buster boat I possibly will sell with its trailer during the next summer. If you are interested, please contact me.

I thank all the nice customers I have met during the years I have rented my boats! Possibly we will meet again on the seas.

I wIsh you a warm nice boating summer!
Jukka K.

Explore beautiful Tammisaari archipelago 

Tammisaari Archipelago National Park is just a short boatdrive away from Tammisaari centre. There are protected, not too rough sea areas also for small Buster boat, that is not suitable for open seas. You can go camping or fishing or just explore the beautiful nature.

We offer you two different motor boats for  rental  as bareboat, skipper yourself.

Merimuikku -steel family boat 

This 9,2m long boat is ideal for experienced skippers and for longer trips. It accommodates comfortably 4 adults + 1 child. Normal rental period is one week (saturday morning to friday evening), also weekends and other periods can be negotiated.

Muikunpoika Buster -aluminium boat

This small outboard motor boat is fine for beginners, because it is easy to handle and does not require former experience in boating.

Rent this boat for a day fishing or sightseeing  trip or for longer time. Camping equipment is available with the boat, if required.

The boats are approved for rental boat by Finnish Marine Authority and they are insured against  running aground, fire, theft and liability for third party. They are well equipped for a pleasant stay and cruise (see the links above for details).

Home harbour Tammisaari

The boats will be normally delivered at Tammisaari center.

Delivery and reception of the Buster boat may be arranged as well in nearby harbours. The Buster -boat is on a trailer and can be towed to any harbour with suitable slipway

The Buster -boat you can rent as well with a trailer and tow it wherever you want within 100 km's radius.

The Merimuikku boat has a new home harbour right in the center of Tammisaari town, a picturesque small town about 100 km west from Helsinki, easily reachable by train and bus.

Required skills

The smaller Buster -boat is suitable for beginning skippers. It is easy to handle and does not need former boating experience. However you must be familiar with reading a map in order to stay on safe waters. The outboard motor of the boat starts easily from a button by electric starter. Handling is easy even for the beginners, you can steer it like a car by a steering wheel. The boat is sturdy and safe and floats even when full of water. Because the light weight of the boat, it is easy to tow on the shore and can be also rowed by oars. Aluminium hull withstands small scratches when landing.

The Merimuikku -steel boat  is rented  for a skilled skipper only. You must have good skills and experience in navigation and handling skills with similar size of boats. The international leisure boat certificate is great to prove the required skills. The boat is relatively easy to handle and its steel-hull withstands small errors when mooring.  At least two persons are required as the crew. A couple of hours handling training can be arranged for extra fee, if required.

An introduction to the boat equipment, its usage and safety issues is always arranged when delivering the boat. So be prepared for about one-two hours time for the Merimuikku -boat  and about half-one hour for the Buster -boat. The instructions are given you also in written.

Please contact for a quotation. A boat may be available very quickly. Conditions and reference pricing on "prices, booking" page.  

Call and ask more !

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